Michael Bradford was born and raised in Detroit. Now based in Los Angeles, Michael works out of his own studio, Chunky Style Music, as well as traveling to major studios around the world.

Although known for rock albums, Michael has worked with artists from all ends of the musical spectrum, including Anita Baker, Kid Rock, Stevie Nicks, Butthole Surfers, Dave Stewart and Jem.

In Sound on Sound magazine, Michael summed up his philosophy this way: “For me it’s really crucial to understand what the artist is basically trying to say through the record,” Bradford explains. “I think it’s really important to listen to what the artist is trying to say. You can be of maximum use by just helping him or her to bring that out and get their point across.”

THE LONG NIGHT is the upcoming album from Michael Bradford, due May 2014. It has elements of rock, trip-hop and psychedelia, and features Jem, Big B, Liz Primo, Ko and Samantha Stollenwerck.

So Stay Tuned…